Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Signs from the Other Side - Medium

Signs from the Other Side

I am a medium, with an ancestral line of mediums and healers.
As a medium and healer in many past lives, only recently did I recognise this in my life.

My life has always been rather strange. I did not feel that I belonged.

My friends thought I was weird. They had their two cars, 2.4 children living in a 1.2 home. Holidays, careers and so on.

About a year ago, at a reading I was told that I would come into my power when I turn fifty. That is eleven months away. At a recent BaGi reading a few weeks ago, I was told that my name has two `graveyard' symbols in it. Each person has five symbols in their name, according to the time, day, month and year of birth.

Hmm... so I talk to spirits. They talk to me.

At a seminar recently, when asked by another fellow attendee what do I do, when I explained that I talk to spirits of dead people, you should have seen how quickly he ran away from me!
It was really funny! Poor guy!

Sometimes people receive it well. Sometimes they don't.

It sure messes up my life in the sense that I cannot plan too rigidly what I want to do, as I get `interrupted'.

Anyway, I am preparing myself and shall be ready to help you soon.
I shall set up a special email address where you can contact me and leave your details, rather than exposing it here.

You may like to make comments on my blog (your emails are not shown).
Many thanks for reading this.

Signs. The Other Side. Medium.

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